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Corporate Kits & Custom Bulk Orders

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, so let them know that with an Ember Kit-  choose one from the selection below or let us make a custom one that will fit your needs (re: budget, location, timing, etc.) ! 
   Whether you’re welcoming a new employee,  building camaraderie, gifting for the holidays, or rewarding success, an Ember Community Kit will make your team feel appreciated. 


Products in each kit will vary based on theme and availability, and might include food and/or self care items, such as:

Microbrews or cocktail sets 
Sweet and/or Savory snacks 
Seasonal foods 
Small gifts or activities (*DIY Sets, Painting Sets, etc.)
Farm to Table foods
Wintertime teas and Seasonal Spices
Soaps, Bath Salts or Mineral Soaks
Heating Muscle Rub Lotion
Handmade Cards
Artisan Towels

With each corporate kit/ custom bulk order, we make a donation to a nonprofit of your choosing.

For more information or custom quotes based on your employee count/ location/ interests, please contact us directly- click the link below to fill out the form! We will customize your kits based on your interests and price point.


Below are some sample kits we have put together for some corporate and team customers!

Custom Charcuterie Board Kit

Team Hot Cocoa Party!

Corporate Team Valentines Party 

Custom Party Kits (this one was a Bar Mitzvah kit!)

Savory and Sweet Kit Options