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Real Estate Gifts

What’s the perfect closing gift? Does it welcome the home buyer to the neighborhood? Does it introduce them to their favorite new coffee shop, bakery, or wine bar? Does it build a sense of community while supporting hyper-local small  businesses and donating to important nonprofits? 

At Ember, our Community Kits can do all that, and more. That’s why we think we’re the perfect closing gift for  your clients. 

Our Community Kits feature thoughtfully-curated goods from small businesses in the neighborhood where the  property was purchased. The products in each Kit will vary based on theme and availability, but often include: 

  • Signature coffee 
  • Baked treats 
  • Microbrews or cocktail sets 
  • Savory snacks 
  • Small gifts or activities 

Our real estate & property management gifts can either be custom to a specific neighborhood based on makers located in that neighborhood, or geared towards a broader 'Seattle' theme. 

As always, partial proceeds from every Ember Kit sold are donated to local nonprofits such as food banks, social justice organizations, pet rescues, etc.

Reach out to us at with your price point/ neighborhood/ any special interests, and we will send you options for purchase!