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The Snack Box


Are you tired of eating the same things all the time? Do you crave some new flavors, want to taste new things, but are unsure where to start?

This healthy-enough snack box brings together a variety of snacks that are definitely going to tickle your taste buds! This snack box will give you a taste of our favorites, satisfy your sweet and salty tooth, and get you through the week! There is something for each day, and for everybody- give it a try and let us know what do you think!

The Snack Box includes:

2 x Packs of Elderberry & Goji Berry Immunity Multivitamin Gummies

12 pack of Assorted Chocolate Truffles from Seattle Chocolates

1 x Pack of Raw & Sprouted Organic Cheesy Probiotic Almonds from Sunbiotics

1 x Pack of Raw & Sprouted Organic Truffle Probiotic Almonds from Sunbiotics

2 x 5oz Organic Unwing CBD Chocolate Bar from Veggimins

1 x 2 oz Steel Drum Plantains from Miss Marjorie's

1 x Original Granola Bar from the better bar

1 x Cocoa Granola Bar from the better bar

Don't forget to select a type of drink below*, and remember that you are in for a healthy & tasty treat! 

Add-on some more tasty products by clicking here:

*if adding wine to your order please note we only offer delivery in the Seattle area (no shipping available for alcohol products). We check ID upon delivery.

The Snack Box